Making Progress – January 11

Build season is just barely underway and there is still loads to be done. But the M.M.R. team is slowly making progress each and every meeting. From after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to early Saturday mornings, the time we put in is really paying off.


Design: In the first couple of weeks of build season, our Design Team is crucial. Currently they’re busy ironing out the details on vital portions of our robot. Pieces like pivoting mechanisms, drive trains and the chassis.

ProgrammingIMG_1425: The Drive station will play an important part in the competition later on so we’ve got our Programmers smoothing things out. Configuring the controls keeps them pretty busy.





Electrical: A bit of recycling never hurt:) Our Electrical Team was tearing apart old circuit boards that came from robots of previous years to put the working pieces to good use.IMG_1424

Field: The Wood has arrived! The Field Team had plenty to do today. Construction is officially underway with the assembly of the field M.M.R. Robotics will be competing on. Students are seen here working on the truss.IMG_1429

Functional Mechanisms: Theres a lot of moving parts on any robot so the Mechanisms team don’t have much down time. They’re busy here with the catapulting arm for the robot.IMG_1427




Other: While many of the teams are busy at work on making M.M.R.’s robot, there are still other tasks that need to be done. Today some students were given an alternative assignment of making a few videos that will be seen by sponsors. Sponsors are a big part of the Robotics process and these other jobs that have to be completed by students can really pay off in the grand scheme of things.IMG_1431

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