Making Progress – January 25

I recently looked up the definition of Robotics in the dictionary. Merriam-Webster claims that Robotics is “technology used to design, build, and operate robots.” To any old person on the street, there’s nothing wrong with this description. And before joining the Robotics program myself, I would have agreed. Now? It’s too black and white.

Too short.

Bumper team working hard

Because this program comprises of so much more than that. When it all comes down to it, yes, we’re just building a robot. But to get there, to complete the project, it takes a diversity of skills that branch out further than just “Design, build, and operation.” Our robot’s design could be amazing or ground breaking but no one would know it if we didn’t have materials provided by sponsors. Through things like gaining sponsors, handling money, and even updating the website, robotics students are exposed to skills that one wouldn’t expect. Working with Internet technology and the web, filming progress videos and coming up with fundraising and endorsement ideas all play a part in the program. But as far as the robot itself goes, the clock is ticking.

The robot is making progress, it’s a slow process but it’s coming along. The MMR 2200 rambotic may look like a  hunk of metal right now, but slowly but surely parts Jan 25-39are being connected, pieces are being made such as the roller arm, the winch, and the electrical boards. With the help and surveillance of teachers and mentors, students are working hard building what soon will be a phenomenal,working robot!

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