Making Progress – January 18

Busy, busy busy. These days, most of M.M.R.’s robotics team are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Week 2 has come with a vengeance and there is still loads to be done.Jan 25-8

The good news is that our design team is 90% done, allowing them to move on to other projects and pieces that have yet to be accomplished. One thing that makes this year’s build season different from previous ones is that we’ve decided to build two robots instead of one. This way, when we bag and tag our first robot, we can continue to practice maneuvering and driving the second robot. The choice will play off in the long run, but for now it just means twice as much work.

IMG_0340 This week our field elements are about 90% done. We’re even painting them! Because lets face it, we all need a little colour in our lives.

In our challenge, Aerial Assist, requires a short period of autonomous play. Meaning that we’re not aloud to move or command the robot in any way. This is accomplished by pre-programing the robot to move and carry out the task in the allotted time. Our Programming Team have lately been putting a lot of effort into making sure the video processing works and everything goes smoothly during the autonomous period.

Jan 25-10The electrical team is also buzzing like bees. Circuit board number one is a mesh of wires and other pieces of plastic that I won’t pretend to know the names of. What I do know is that things are moving along smoothly and that circuit board number two will soon be underway.

In terms of other progress, the shooter, or what will enable us to pass the ball, is coming along nicely. Also things like outer frames are slowly starting to look like more that just sheets or metal. All in all, business is booming.








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