Final Day!!



It is the final day for the robotics season and things are very stressful! Today is all about tying up loose ends and hopefully having a robot ready to wrap up before midnight tonight!

This year we are doing something very different compared to other years. We decided to create TWO identical robots, which will give the programmers a bit more time to get all the necessary code onto one robot. Everything mentioned in the last update is finished (ie. catapult winch, wheels, quick change bumper mounts). A couple of days ago, we had a visit from a robot inspector and everything was good, all we had to do was shave off a corner (yay!).

Right now we have the practice bot fully operational with a few more bugs to find and fix, and our second robot is almost complete! We just need to finish testing code and it will be time to launch the robot at the competition, which is just around the corner! Tons of pressure today as the clock is ticking. GO RAMS GO!!

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