Making Progress – February 1

Patience is really starting to grow thin these days. Tensions are high as we slowly get closer to the end our allotted build season. The good news is though that things are moving.

The Programming team has got the encoders and limit switches both working. They’re also continuing to work on the camera tracking and are currently about 2/3’s done.

Jan 25-41     All the Field elements have long been completed. The bumpers were also finished with fabric this week. The field team is also in charge of installing the Quick Change Bumper Mounts on the robot.

For the Design team, the work itself is basically done. But they’re still working out the little changes here and there. One of the big things they have to be conscious about is weight. Making sure none of the parts tip the robot over the limit. Jan 30-1

In terms of function pieces of the robot goes, the shooter is completely done and the wheels are currently being assembled. Our catapult’s winch is still a work in progress but is moving along steadily.

Because we’re making two robots this year as apposed to one, we need circuit boards. The board for the practice robot was just finished and the second, for the actual robot that will be in play in the arena, is nearly there.

In the less mechanical side of things, other preperations are being made for our trips to both Myrtle Beach and North Bay. Gotta make sure everyones paperwork comes through. Wouldn’t want anyone to be left behind!

Myrtle Beach!!

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