Playoff Schedule & Results at FIRST Ontario Provincial Championship 2017

Join in cheering the MMRambotics team as they compete at the FIRST Ontario Provincial Championship at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga. This is week 7 of FIRST Steamworks.

Final ranking after Qualifications – 14 (out of 60) Record of 6 wins – 5 losses

MMRambotics in playoff round on the number 3 alliance led by #4939 (Allspark9, Brampton, ON) and joined by #4976 (Rebels, Georgetown, ON)

These are the scheduled elimination round matches. It’s always best to follow by Match Number and not by the time posted as things can get delayed.

Saturday, April 15

Quarter Finals

  • Qtr 4-1 WON 480-470
  • Qtr 4-2 WON 472-205


  • SF2-1 WON 498-399
  • SF2-2 WON 504-400


  • Finals 1 Lost 501-493
  • Finals 2 Lost 518-509

See playoff match results at 

You can watch the live stream at


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